Divorce Litigation

At Eddington Worley, we are committed to guiding our clients through what often proves to be the most traumatic of family experiences; the dissolution of a marriage. We understand the feelings of desperation, chaos, and helplessness that can accompany the often, difficult decision to end a marriage. We work with our clients to focus not on what lies behind, but on a new hope for the years that lie ahead; a new beginning as a single adult.

Obtaining Excellent Outcomes.

In any divorce action we are committed to obtaining the best possible outcome for you, your children, and other immediate family members who may be affected by your divorce. In today's society, divorces are as varied as the couples who make up the families. There is no one size fits all divorce. We know that your situation is unique, and your needs are our paramount concern as we work through the divorce process.


Couples with Children

We understand the stress a divorce puts on children of all ages, but most especially children who are still living in the home. Our commitment to you as a client also extends to your children. In a divorce involving minor children, a "best outcome" MUST also include consideration of what is best for them. We want to foster an environment that assures the children they are still loved by both parents and whatever differences their parents have between each other are just that, differences between adults. Though much will necessarily change in a child’s life because of a divorce, they should never be placed in the middle of the conflict.

Grey Divorce

Sometimes, parents "tough it out" while the children are still living at home, determined not to divorce until the kids are grown. Other times, couples find that once they have finished raising their children, they have grown apart and are living separate lives. Sometimes a second marriage later in life just isn't working out. Whatever the situation, we know divorcing in middle age and beyond presents special challenges and issues. Often times, these issues center around the financial security of the separating parties. After many years of work there are complex property issues; houses, businesses, cars, boats, R.V.s and other marital property that must be divided. There are also retirement accounts that must be equitably split. The lawyers at Eddington Worley have years of experience with complex asset division. We work with you to find a way to divide the marital estate so that you will benefit from the years of work you put into building toward your golden years.

Same Sex Couples

Someday, we hope we don't even need this section. It should go without saying that your lawyers, your court, and your future, should not depend on the gender of the partners in a divorce proceeding. Much has changed in this country over the past few years. Now, more than ever, same sex couples are equal in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of the family courts in Texas. Please rest assured we see you as we see any client; as an individual who needs to provide for their children and their future as a marriage dissolves.

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