Any parent who has adopted a child will tell you that it is one of the most rewarding, fulfilling, joyous things that can happen within your family. They will also tell you the legal process was daunting; full of complex processes and mystifying complications. Our adoption law attorneys will ensure your interests and those of your adopted child are represented, and that the adoption will move forward in a smooth and timely fashion according to the law.

How Long Will It take?

This is the question most frequently asked by parents at the beginning of the adoption process. Understandably, while an adoption case is moving through the court, there is an underlying dread that something could go wrong. We have all heard horror stories about what can happen, but the reality is, with an experienced legal team at your side, this sort of worst-case scenario rarely happens. Many cases move through the courts in a matter of months. Some can take longer because of special circumstances surrounding the child’s previous home situation. So, while there is no one answer to how long a case will take, a best-case time frame would be a few months while a worst-case scenario would be five to seven years.


Types of Adoption

Children being adopted come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Many come from the CPS system and move through a foster home before being adopted. Others come through adoption services or other "private placement" options including international adoption agencies. Still others may already be family members. It is quite common to see stepparents adopting their stepchildren or grandparents, aunts and uncles, or other close family members adopting children who are in need of a stable place to live.

Can I Lose My Adopted Child to the Biological Parents?

When adoptions are handled through the courts, and properly finalized by the court, then no, that does not happen. Part of the adoption process is the court's termination of the biological parents’ rights. Statutory waiting periods normally expire before the court finalizes the adoption. Once the final court orders are executed, there is little chance of it being undone by anyone.

Can You Help Me Find a Child to Adopt?

No. The work done by an adoption agency is highly regulated to ensure children are not being bought and sold. Lawyers play a critical role in adoptions, but matching children to parents is not part of that role.

Other Questions

Anyone seriously looking at adoption has many, many questions about the process. Many parents who have adopted a child are asked about their personal experience and can offer great insight to those considering adding a child to their family through adoption. However, every case is different and there is no substitute for the legal guidance of an experienced attorney when it comes to answering your questions and walking with you through the process. At Eddington Worley we are committed to helping families in every stage of life, especially those adopting a child.

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